Mouthwash with alcohol

دهانشویه دارای الکل

Mouthwash with alcohol

Mouthwash is one of the supplements of dental floss and toothbrushes in oral health and hygiene. Many people use mouthwash after brushing. Today, there are many advertisers for alcohol-based mouthwash. But considering the disadvantages of alcohol mouthwash, you may decide to stay away from this product.

Mouthwashes that contain alcohol must be prescribed by a dentist and are used for short-term and therapeutic purposes. Continuous use of this drug may cause more oral and dental problems than benefits.

دهانشویه الکل دار

Disadvantages of mouthwash containing chemicals and alcohol

Intestinal inflammation: As you know, some bacteria are among the beneficial bacteria and their existence is necessary in the human body. Unfortunately, mouthwashes destroy all the bacteria in the mouth and in this way provide the basis for intestinal inflammation. In fact, the bacteria that entered the mouth through food and were transferred from there to the intestine are reduced by using mouthwash and cause problems related to intestinal diseases.
High blood pressure: Similarly, killing off these good bacteria can lead to high blood pressure. Specifically, eliminating bacteria that produce nitric oxide increases blood pressure.
Increases the risk of mouth and tongue cancer: If there is a lot of alcohol in the mouthwash, it causes dry mouth and this can increase the risk of mouth and tongue cancer to some extent.

last word

All types of mouthwashes are generally a combination of water, fluoride, alcohol, preservatives, cleaning agents and flavoring essences. These compounds are suitable for sterilizing and cleaning the oral cavity, but the correct method of their use must be followed.

If you have questions about the correct way to use mouthwash or are looking for the right type of mouthwash, you can consult your dentist.

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