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teeth straightening is not the only benefit of orthodontics. Orthodontics corrects bite problems, beautifies your smile and improves overall oral health.

The benefits of orthodontics for children are quick results, as normal growth usually makes treatment easier. adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment. Dentists are now treating more patients with advanced techniques while maintaining high standards.

Orthodontics makes the smile more beautiful and bright by straightening the teeth. With this description, orthodontics has lifelong benefits that justify spending time and money on this treatment. There are different types of orthodontics and the specialist always recommends the best type to improve the smile design and straighten the teeth.

Many patients use removable orthodontics, some use fixed barthodontics, and some use invisible orthodontics.

Advantages of orthodontics

A beautiful and attractive smile increases self-confidence and cures dental problems. Finally, aligned teeth facilitate oral hygiene and improve jaw function. In addition, aligned teeth are less likely to be damaged during sports or accidents.

The dental world recognizes the benefits of orthodontic treatment to improve the condition of the teeth and explains how to correct existing defects.

The cost of orthodontics

The cost and price of orthodontic treatment depends on many factors. However, these costs are usually not paid all at once. Be sure to discuss the issue of how to pay for the first consultation with the orthodontic specialist. These factors include:

  • Type of treatment
  • Treatment period
  • The amount of tooth decay
  • The need for additional treatments such as jaw surgery in addition to orthodontics

Retainer plate after orthodontics

A retainer plate is used to hold the teeth in their new position so that the bones, gums and muscles adapt to the new position.

The patient must use the retainer as prescribed by the doctor, otherwise the teeth will return to their original state and the orthodontic treatment will be ineffective. The specialist determines the duration of use of the retaining plate. The time is not the same for all patients and in some cases the use of a permanent retainer is recommended.

In some cases, small metal wires are attached to the inner surface of the front teeth next to or in place of the removable plate.

Considering that it is more difficult and more important to maintain oral hygiene and brushing teeth during orthodontics, people are more at risk of caries, therefore using Tooth Forth mouthwash helps to prevent tooth decay during orthodontics.

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